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Kanjify Spacer

Kanjify Spacer

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What is "Premium"?

You can get two stainless steel cards with your Kanji name meanings and its origin .

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Engrave Your name

Engrave Your Kanji Name
Your “Kanji Name” will be engraved on the headset spacer.
It comes with a kraft, aluminum, or stainless steel card that explains your Kanji Name’s pronunciation and meaning, which makes a beautiful ornament.

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Product details

Head spacer

Size Details: 1.1/8 (inside diameter: 28.6mm)
Hight: 10mm
Weight: 9g 
Material: Aluminum


Craft Card

Dimensions: 91 x 55mm
Thickness: 0.3 mm


Aluminum Card

Dimensions: 86 x 54mm
Thickness: 0.45 mm


Stainless Card

Dimensions: 86 x 54 mm
Thickness: 0.5 mm



Material: Acrylic 
Dimensions: H52 x W40 x L53 mm


Who assigns my name’s Kanji characters?
Working with us are people specializing in Japanese culture with an outstanding background in Western culture as well. You can be rest assured that your Kanjified name will only hold positive and beautiful meanings.

Do the Kanji characters read the same as how I read my name?
Not always. Certain sounds in English don’t exist in Japanese but we will assign Kanji characters that are read in its nearest equivalent in English.

Do you ship worldwide?
No. As of now, we only ship to the U.S.

How much is the shipping fee?
It costs US$ 15.00 to ship to the U.S.

How long does it take to get my order?

Because your item is one-of-a-kind, it will take about 2 weeks to make it and another 2 weeks for the shipping.